The Long Shot

4PM Saturday, May 28, 2016

Long Shot: noun An attempt or effort that is not likely to be successful.

The Long Shot is an effort to create a non traditional art viewing experience rooted in the traditional notions of the art gallery.  It is an effort to transform the often times sterile environment of an art gallery in to a sensory rich experience with an emphasis on community and communication.  The Long Shot is temporary, not in a fixed location and adaptable in its form and content.  It is an immersive experience combining the visual arts with music, culinary arts and performance.  Through its very function, the idea of community becomes visible and tangible.  It is a dream and it is a Long Shot.

The space defined: The Long Shot is a gallery built on the notion of flux. It is designed for change, both in its location and its form. It consists of eleven (but designed to accommodate more or less) moveable, interlocking white walls without a predetermined floor or ceiling.  The idea for the Long Shot is based heavily on an installation by the StillmoreRoots artist collective.  The StillmoreRoots produced an outdoor gallery that was framed out with 2x4’s and then wrapped in a semi transparent fabric.  The floor of the gallery was the floor of the pine forest floor and the ceiling was the sky.  The Long Shot has taken that initial idea and pushed it further.  The shape of the gallery is based on the cube but designed and built so that more non traditional shapes may be explored by each artist exhibiting in the space.  The panels are two sided so that every 4x8 section presents two 4x8 surfaces for work.  The gallery is also designed in a manner that allows it to be broken down and relocated to other venues.  Here in the rural south, if a community lacks an exhibition space, the Long Shot can bring the exhibition space to the community.

The vision on which the space was dreamed up is imagined as a sensory rich experience.  A gallery that emphasizes location, an exhibition that includes not just visual arts but performances as well; both by musicians and performance artists. And an exhibition that includes food.  Food that ties into the overall opening experience.  A place to gather, a place to share and a place to grow.

Long Shot 2016

The Second Annual Long Shot Invitational has been set for May 28, 2016 at 4PM.  This exhibition will be a small works exhibition tied to the term ephemeral.

The list of participating artists includes:

Jerroid Avant

James Anthony Faris

Bridget Conn

Zrinka Dunn

Bryan Ghiloni

Luis Arcadio De Jesus

Neil Kalmanson

Jean Gray Mohs

Desmal Purcell

Christi Reiterman

And music by Axles of Knievel.