A little about Desmal Purcell


The landscape I call home is located in Stillmore, Georgia.  These pine filled bends and cypress knee creeks have cradled my artwork and my peace of mind for as long as I can remember.  My great great grandfather on my fathers side of the family settled the family farm here in Stillmore back in the mid 1800’s.  I am happy to call this community and this landscape Home.


My process consists of research, practice and implementation.  Whether creating work that discusses the aesthetic value of the industrial landscape in relationship to a virgin rainforest or touching on ideas related to mapping the cosmos, this work is my attempt at better understanding the world I am a part of.  To complete my work I reach out to my viewers for without their experience the art process is nothing more than a narcissistic action that for me, has lost its purpose.  I seek to build dialogue and therefore require the viewer to complete my process.


Travel for me is research.  It is an exploration of new geographic locations, local culture, the customs they follow, and their connection to the land.  To share coffee in a new land, pick up the dialect of native tongues, and experience their sacred sites is crucial to the development of my art and my spiritual well being.  These new experiences, that are recorded in the sketchbook, captured on film, and replayed in my mind, have had a great impact on my life and creative process.


At home, I am joined by my amazing son Sheppard, our cat, Baba, three chickens (names withheld) and our canine companion Quespi. We enjoy our days here in Stillmore, GA.  Close to family, friends and the land I call home.


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