24 Hours later-  The Etsy shop is up and running.  There are now 5 works of art available with a goal of adding at least one new work every 24 hours (why not- my studio is overflowing with work and managed to make progress on several new works this evening.)  Thus far one of my intaglio prints has a ‘secret admirer’ (oh lala…that sounds so nice), my loving wife has ‘admired’ all of my work (don’t worry, she’s not biased….) and my shop has been added as a favorite by someone in Savannah (I wonder if I know the person????).  Not bad for the first 24 hours but the process has only just begun.  My next step is to complete one of my Blurb projects (several in the making…and they have been that way for some time), photograph/list some of the new Encaustic work on Etsy and continue to post on a regular basis on desmundo.com (perhaps the biggest challenge of all).

You may noticed that I have yet to list my Etsy Store address.  I am hoping to stock it chock full of goodies before the big unveil. Here are some questions for you:

Are you an Etsy seller?  What tips can you offer on succeeding with Etsy?

Are you an Etsy shopper?  What do you look for in an Etsy store?  What do you tend to shop for on Etsy?

Stay tuned for more info!