Today I received my first Canvas Pop Instagram image.

Here are the basics for any of you looking into purchasing one for yourself…or for someone else for that matter.


The final image: A 12″X12″ Instagram image printed on canvas and stretched/stapled to wooden stretcher bars.

The Cost- $43.95 with shipping.

The Time: I placed the order on December 15, 2011 and it arrived on January 9, 2012.

All in all the print quality is fine and the mount is good and clean as well.  No overly bulky folds in the corners (which can happen with poor construction). The ease of ordering was…well it was extremely easy.  Log into their site, grant permission for them to scour your Instagram account and select an image.  No problems there. As for the cost, they are currently running a special on Instagram prints for $29.95 12″x12″ canvas prints plus $14 shipping (orders over $150 ship free). The $29.95 price tag was a reasonable price and I would certainly think about ordering another image.  Actually, had the production/shipping not taken so long (that was a real deal breaker- anytime a package arrives and you have to wonder what it is because it’s been over three weeks since your ordered it…well, that’s a package taking a bit too long to reach it’s destination) I wouldn’t hesitate to order another canvas pop print.  But, the $29.95 for the print plus the $14 dollar shipping on top of an over three week long return makes me pause.  Granted it was the holidays and that could have been the holdup.

Now, once the Instagram sale is over and the 12″x12″ prints go back to their regular price of $79.00 I’ll have to think twice before placing an order with Canvas Pop.  That price defeats the fun, easy streamlined ordering process  I mean you can order a 12″x12″ for $80 from a variety of different sources.

So, the end verdict: If you have been thinking about ordering an Instagram Canvas Pop now is the time to do it.  Word to the wise…Canvas Pop’s don’t happen overnight.  So, get that order in before the price tag goes to $79.  Once its there this deal is no longer a steal.