Well, it’s eleven minutes after eleven pm and I’m still up. Now if you know me you know eleven pm is l a t e. Yet here I sit with my computer, scanner, a pile of negatives, a plate of cherry pie and two scoops of vanilla ice cream…scanning the night away. At 5 minutes per scan and over a hundred negatives to scan…well, you do the math. It’s going to be a while. So, while my current negative is ‘scanning’ I thought I would post an update. There is a lot going on these days.
The first piece of exciting news is that I have been accepted into the Kobo Gallery Co-op located in Savannah, GA on Barnard and Congress. It’s a great space occupied by wonderful work created by some really awesome individuals. Please stop by and visit us sometime. On October 21st you can take part in the SavFADA Trolley Hop. It runs from 5- 8:30PM. You can find out more at www.SavFADA.com
Other highlights include the amount of film I have been shooting these days. I am currently toting three analogue cameras with me and burning up some 120/35mm film as I explore life on the day to day. The crossed processed doubles have just been rich with color and grain. I look forward to catching up with this scanning process so that I can get back into the printing process.
And last but not least (my five minutes are nearly up) I have joined Facebook. Yikes! So, keep your eyes peeled for new updates and integration with Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see where this ‘social network’ goes.
Back to scanning the night away….