So for years now I have been on the fence about purchasing a Lensbaby.  I see the adds, I see the pics, I do some research and nearly make a decision as to which format would work best for me and then I realize its just not something I need right now.  9-12 months roll by and repeat the cycle.  That is until I read this article: Forget the Factory: How Lensbaby creates its custom glass.  It seems that I am a sucker for homegrown innovation. It is such a delight to see a product developed and manufactured locally.  Especially when the product has made such an impact on the industry.  So, much like the Wanderlust Pinwide (Developed in Chicago/Made in the USA) it looks like the Lensbaby will soon be another addition to my creative process.  You all R O C K !

P.S.- Does anyone have a Lensbaby recommendation for me?