What a night…rain, rain, rain…but rain in the Rockies is a rain I can deal with.  I was up at 4:30,  teeth brushed and coffee in hand by 4:40 and then on the road.  I had explored the road ahead up to Milners Path yesterday.  I hiked some awesome trails and saw plenty of wildlife..and snow…did I mention the snow?!?!  I have lived up north, I have had plenty of time in snow, snow forts in the banks of snow left by snow plows, snow sledding, snowball fights….but it’s July.  I just can’t seem to get over the snow.  The rain I’ve had a enough of but the snow thats another story.  Did I mention that I got rained out of Ranger Harry’s hiking presentation last night.  It was cold, 45 and the rain got worse an worse….and i was in shorts, short sleeve shirt….you get the picture.  So I slept in the back of the Toyota…dry but a little tight on space when you add me to the mix.

The road was amazing this morning.  I was giddy with excitment at the sights, sounds even the smells of the alpine meadows….it was awesome.  I started at Timberlake Campground on the western side of t he park.  I made my up a winding road to the continental divide.  There are some beautiful overlooks, meadows, trails and many oppurtunities to see wildlife.  I saw countless numbers of elk, marsets, chipmunks, a variety of birds (and several moose yesterday).   But seeing the sun rise over the Rockies was the highlight of the day. Every overpass offered another spectacular view of this event unfolding before.  This three hour drive (it should only take 90 minutes if you don’t stop and follow the speed limit).  I can’t say enough to explain how impressed I was with this park.  I had less than 24 hours here and you really need a week to give it a thourough go.  Please do yourself a favor and spent some time in this park.  You’ll be happy you did.  I certainly will be planning a return trip.

The rest of the day was pretty straight forward- driving.  I tried to beat the rain but it stayed on top of me.  I saw the sun at 12,000 feet this morning (when I was above the cloud line). But that was the only time I saw the sun for  entire day.  The rain stayed on top of me too.  I was hoping to find a state park with a shower or a national forest but thunderstorm warnings grew more severe.  By the time I got to the east side of Kansas, there were flash floods, tornado watches and an onslaught of rain.  At 10PM, I gave up on the search for dry land and got a hotel room through Expedia.  Soft bed, hot shower and a full meal.

It’s time for sleep.