Man, after a couple of nights in the back of the Toyota weathering storms the hotel bed was out of this world.  That and a couple of hot showers has proven to be a real game changer.  After watching the local news I am glad I decided to get a room.  There was some really bad weather over Kansas City last night and this little room off of I70 was a great place to weather the storm.

As I cleaned out my pockets this morning I pulled out a string of clues that I’ve been camping for the last 11 days. A flashlight, matches, a few cool stones, a crystal, a pocket knife, an old battery and plenty of dirt.  Well, the highway calls. I gotta get some grub from the lobby and hit the road.

To be continued….

Today was all road.  I mean a long day of asphalt…and rain.  Gas station coffee, gas station snacks and gas station conversation.  All of this changed once I crossed into Kentucky.  I called Chris and Laurel with an ETA and before I know it I am walking into a beautiful home in Germantown to the smell of a shrimp gumbo on the stove.  A night of catching up with family, drinking coffee and talking about life.