Working till dark and then working some more. There is nothing like the last couple of days before Art in the Woods. The pine grove starts to hum with activity, sounds of laughter and camaraderie and the occasional game of Stick, Stick. Those days are here. Anthony, Bryan and I spent the later part of the day and then a portion of the evening working in those pines. Tomorrow Jean Gray may arrive and Friday the remaining Roots will join us here in Emanuel county to pull all the loose odds and ends together for the opening on Saturday. It is going to be quite the show this year.
Project Populate has populated the pines with each of you that contributed a photo. The installation is going to be a great part of the Art in the Woods experience. Thank you for your kindness, participation and willingness to send your image to me for this collaborative work. As of now, I have one last piece to install tomorrow (unless more arrive via mail) and then I’ll begin mapping the lat/lon of each work. Once that is finished I hope to publish the locations via an online map resource. The map should be up by Friday night.
After catching up with Project Populate I spent a good portion the evening putting some work into the Stones Collaboration. It is looking and feeling really good. I hope you enjoy your experience in the space.
Good night-