Project Populate, 3 days and counting. It’s hard to believe we are that close to Art in the Woods 2010. Our 8th year of putting this exhibition/celebration together. 8 years of Art in the Woods and 34 days since Project Populate was introduced to the world. This means that the earth has made 34 rotations while at the same time circling around the sun since I first posted a Project Populate post. And we are still moving.
It seems like just yesterday I was pulling together pieces of ideas that would become Project Populate and now here we are…3 days and counting. Tonight I have been prepping images that recently arrived in the post. They will be installed tomorrow and at that point I’ll be even on niches and people. No worries, I’ll still be checking the post on a daily basis for any last minute photos that may arrive during the next 3 days. And, I still need to mark the lat/lon points for each piece. Unlike previous Sacred Space installations which are dedicated to a single location the Project Populate works are spread throughout the pines intermingling with the works of others. There’s just no telling who you’ll ‘bump’ into this year while wandering the space.
Also in the news today, another exciting addition was made to the Sacred Space stones collaboration. Stained glass…that’s all I am giving you for now. More to come as the days go by.
As always,
Good night.