Welcome to Project Populate, a collaborative installation between you, me and a planted pine forest in Stillmore, GA.

This collaborative installation needs your participation to happen.  The installation will open April 3, 2010 during the 8th Annual StillmoreRoots Art in the Woods exhibition.


An installation consisting of self portraits/portraits of the global community.


Anyone that sends in a passport style photo (be sure the background is neutral) will be a participant.  In response to your participation, you’ll receive a post in the mail that represents your contribution to the Project Populate collaborative installation.


The event opens on April 3, 2010.  So, go ahead and get the image in the mail.  Check back at desmundo.com for photos, information and the general progress of the event.  I can’t wait to see ‘who’ that first image will be….will it be you?


Art in the Woods is an annual exhibition featuring artwork by the StillmoreRoots Group. The group creates a variety of installations that work within the structure of a planted pine forest.  The work I create for the annual exhibition typically has a strong focus on community, communication, and commitment.   The fact that my work often relies on the generosity and faith of complete strangers only further supports the previous three C’s.  The Stones Installation is a great example of the global community coming together to celebrate place, one another and the belief that the project could work.  And it did…I still receive the occasional stone in the mail from some distant land.  This year, I would like to put a face to the global community.  So that you, the participant, are recognized for your communication, involvement in the global community and your commitment to seeing the project through.


How is easy, grab or create that passport style photo and drop it in the mail (snail mail that is) to:

Project Populate
PO Box 311
Stillmore GA 30464

Remember to include a return address to receive your Project Population post in the mail from me.

I’ll be checking the box daily awaiting your response.  April 3 will be here before you know it.

P.S.- This project needs your participation and support to launch.  Please help spread the word.