Today was a productive day for creating in the pines. Anthony, Buck and Bryan were also working the woods this afternoon. I was able to install several of the works and also make progress on further modifications to the niches. The pieces are really moving in what I feel is good direction. The colors are rich and vibrant, they seem to really be a part of the trees they have been installed in and at the same time they seem to pop. The contradiction reminds me of my Conservation vs Construction research. Project Populate is moving right along. I hope everyone that participated is able to come out and see what we have created. I’ll be mailing your keepsake shortly after the event. And as always, thank you for your commitment, trust and faith in my creative endeavors.
The Stones Installation space also received some updates as well. I performed a cleansing of the space with a large interior fire. The smoke greatly enhanced the ambience of the site as it gave form to the various shafts of light that penetrate the ceiling and illuminate the interior. It looked awesome. Speaking of smoke and cleansing, I ordered the resins which will compliment the incense I make here at the studio to enhance the space during the sites use. I typically buy my resins from Incense Warehouse.
Tomorrow, more work to come. I’ll be installing stain glass into an Art in the Woods site. Should be interesting.
Also, Buck informed us that he has listed Art in the Woods on Check it out.
Good night,