When I sat on the steps of the back porch this morning, sipping a hot cup of coffee and watching the sun rise, I was worried about the chill in the air, the grey sky and the cool breeze blowing in. After another cup of coffee we rode into Metter to grab a bite to eat (and a couple more cups of coffee) at the Edenfield House Diner. Now, after that great tasting breakfast, I opened the door and stepped outside into blue sky and sunshine. It was a perfect day for working in the pines. Shoot, it was so nice I thought I better make of the most of this spring weather and ride to Statesboro, stop by the hardware store and pick up some supplies to push me through the late afternoon. It is upon leaving Statesboro that the rain began to fall. And it continued to fall into the evening. This provided some oppurtune time for developing more plates. I was able to work on Neil and Anthony for a good while this evening. This does have me slightly behind on prep work in the pines. I still need to do a burn in the Stones Sacred Space and prep more niches for your images to keep me on schedule for Tuesdays installation of stained glass.
Long story short….rainy day in Stillmore had me working indoors.
Tonight’s post came earlier than last nights. Perhaps tomorrows post will gain another couple of hours.
Good night-