Tomorrow is the last day for alterations on Project Populate. Everything is either complete or will be finished by tomorrow morning. I had what I believe will be the last post for Project Populate arrive in the mail today (thank you for your participation Allie). All plates thus far are now finalized. There are two empty niches I finished carving this evening. The last two plates will be installed in those niches tomorrow. At that point there will be nothing left but small alterations to make sure that everything is complete. As I carved the last niche tonight, I thought about the fact that I like for the niche to push through to the heart of the pine. And the fact that I am incorporating dead trees into the installation. Taking these pine shells and filling them with the likeness of someone living and the energy of my marks. And the niche, the niche in the heart of the tree holds your image. On Saturday, people will do more than pass by this tree that beforehand called little attention to itself; people will stop and give this tree, your image, my marks a moment of their life. They will take some of their limited time here on this planet and spend it with your image, the tree that holds your image near its heart and the marks that I have made upon it. It doesn’t get much more intimate than that. And when Saturday passes and those visiting have returned to their homes those trees will remain. They will continue to hold your image as the planet we occupy turns, letting days and nights come and go. Days will turn to weeks and weeks will turn to months and months will turn to years. Somewhere in that time-span this tree will fall. It will come crashing to the forest floor. Perhaps someone will hear it. Maybe it will slip by without notice. But it will happen.
My original concept (and this still holds true) has me sending you an image, about two weeks after the show, that ties all of this together. A reminder for you. Something to hold and remind you of your participation in Project Populate. Today, while carving out the last niche and thinking about your image out there beneath the full moon in the heart of that tree I decided that there should be another action to occur after the fall. When the time comes for that tree to fall, I will gather your image and the marks that have made upon it and the marks that the passage of time have left on it’s surface and I will return it to you. It may be weeks it may be years but when it happens your image will begin it’s journey home to you.
Again, thank you all for your participation, faith in me to care for your image and your commitment to the project.