Here are some new images shot with the Diana F+ out at Bonaventure Cemetery using a new Red Scale film that produces different color shifts depending on which ISO it is shot at. Of course, using the Diana camera I gauge most of my exposures using my very own embedded Photo/Sense. Photomaster ‘pushed’ the exposure one stop using a base of 100ISO to produce the end results. The red/orange tint makes for an interesting effect. I am undecided as to whether I should print these as processed or convert them to black and white images (taking advantage of the red scale in the process).
As for the subject, Bonaventure Cemetery has been a stopping point for me and my camera since my freshman year of college. It’s a wonderful place to wander and enjoy the old oaks and water views. Not to mention the wonderful carvings and intimate stories relayed through the tombstones. Another element of Bonaventure that I enjoy is the fact that my relationship with the space is constantly changing. It was wonderful to discover that my wife’s great grandfather, Antonio Aliffi, carved several of the sculptures in the cemetery. Again, creating another shift in my perspective of this sacred space.