Back in the city of Savannah on this fine Friday morning.  Running errands that involve my artwork.  Those errands always seem the most enjoyable to run.  I delivered four works of art from the Paris Diana F+ portfolio to Armstrong Atlantic State University.   They are to be included in an upcoming Juried Alumni Invitational exhibition.  It’s always good to see some familiar faces while on the AASU campus.  I’ll post more on the opening for this event as the date draws near.

Afterwards I made way to Kobo Gallery where I sit typing this blog post and admiring the fact the time I spend here at Kobo…is time well spent.  It’s great to ‘be’ in a space and find yourself surrounded by great works of art.  Tobia and Meredith will be our featured artists for tonights SavFADA (Savannah Fine Art Dealers Association) opening.  The new work looks great!  Tobia already has her new large scale encaustic photos up on the walls.  As I sit here I can smell the bees wax…The images are wonderful, the textured surface, the repeated square, the haunting landscapes that pull you closer and the portraits that appear as fragmented memories of a shattered dream.   Meredith’s work will be arriving soon and I look forward to seeing her new work as well.

Several other artists also have new work up for tonights opening; myself included. If you find yourself in Savannah tonight please stop by for the opening.  It’s guaranteed to be a great event.  And, while your out and about Matt Toole also has an opening tonight at Indigo Sky Gallery (915 Waters Ave).  Matt does some really wonderful sculptural work.

So, theres plenty to keep you busy.  Meanwhile I am trying to talk Brandon Tatom into an exhibition at the East Georgia College Art Gallery, Nick Nelson into a Holga collaborative and of course continue practicing my own art habit.

Thank you for your time- desmal

Post Script: The StillmoreRoots group will be giving an Artist Talk at Georgia Southern University next Wed (5-6PM).  And please remember to mark you calendar for Art in the Woods 2011 (March 26).   And of course, I would like thank “Thinc Savannah” for their one hour of free internet that allowed me to type this up.  Muchos Gracias!