The medium format film scanner arrived in the mail this week. Needless to say my eyes are already feeling the fatigue they will soon be experiencing as I spend countless hours scanning recent rolls of film and catching up on the film I have shot over the past 17 years making images. 17 years….what a treat to think of it in that format. 17 years of pursuing light. Next year, provided I am still living and still pursuing light, I will have been making photographs for the same number of years that most of the students I am teaching have been alive. Hmmm, thats a new twist. Well, regardless of the number of years I am more excited about the number of negative sleeves I get to sneak back into and awaken from their great slumber. I often mention Ansel Adams during discussions on building images and how he would print the same negative at different years in his life and interpret the image in a different manner each time. This supports the idea that the negative provides a foundation for the next stage of the creative process. As I scan images from my first adventure in Europe, my first trip across country (and my countless other adventures on the american highway), those early images made during undergrad and then graduate school….how will I interpret them now? How will I react to the work that has been quietly tucked away for so long? There is only one way to find out and thats to let the process begin. So, provided I am not disillusioned by previous years work I hope to begin sharing those images via
Wish me luck!