October 2011 marked a turning point for me in my exhibition career. It ended my 12 month run at the Kobo Gallery in Downtown Savannah. I learned something from that experience that I want to share with you. And it’s no great secret, in fact, its something I already knew. But now, having spent 4 months outside of the gallery it has become even more clear.

That is that having work for sell on the gallery wall does not guarantee you a sell but it does make it a viable option. Not having work on display makes it near impossible to make a sell. If your work isn’t in the market it will make it difficult for that work to find a home. Having said that I would like to add that it feels good to sell work. It provides a sense of affirmation that someone out there finds value in what you do. And unless you attend regular critiques, exhibit work on a regular basis or develop an online conversation revolving around the work you create that affirmation (or any commentary at all) can be few and far between.

So, four months out of the gallery and four months not swinging by the gallery to pick up a check (granted, I have continued selling work at featured exhibits/solo exhibitions) has left a yearning in my heart. This year, this 2012 I am going to attempt to develop that monthly income from art. I would love to be continuing that process at Kobo but the distance/commute is tough on our growing family.

Instead, to sell work on am going to focus on the obvious. The things that artists can do with work that is in the studio and not on the gallery wall. I am going to make it accessible. You have to remember, I live in a rural community (population 700) that is 1.5 hours from any large city. Thats right, watch out Etsy…watch out Facebook….watch out Blurb….watch out Home Shows (an idea I have been wanting to see through for years now)….and last but not least….watch out blog.

I am going active on these fronts simultaneously. I’ll keep you posted on how things progress and offer up tips and tricks as I learn the ropes of selling work on-line. Wish me luck as I attempt to re-enter the stream.