The Billboard Art Project is coming to Savannah, GA.  The innovative exhibition space will feature the work of 50 artists from around the globe.  The event starts at 12AM Saturday (March 14) and will continue through 12PM.  Artwork will cycle through the billboard throughout the 24 hour period.  The digital billboard is located on the corner of Hodgson Memorial Drive and Mall Way (across from Oglethorpe Mall) in Savannah, GA. For more information check out: The Billboard Art Project

My work will be featured at: 2:51AM/10AM and 5:09PM.

Other local artists featured on the billboard include my dear friends Ruby Hillard, Scott Motley and Natalie von Loewenfeldt.

If you manage to get a photo of my work on the billboard please post it to or my Facebook page.

As always, thanks for the continued support-