The Great Emanuel Shoot starts at 5PM this afternoon in Patriot Square in downtown Swainsboro. It has been great having the opportunity to help Anthony with this project. I hope to see you all at some point during the next 24 hour period. Remember, the Photo Fiesta (image showcase) is tomorrow night at 7PM in the Old Farmers Building in downtown Swainsboro.
I’ll catch you up on some other community news while I am here. Yesterday, Bryan, Anthony and I taught a Pinhole Camera workshop with some talented, knowledge hungry students from Swainsboro Middle School. Keep your eyes out for these upcoming photographers who have a strong desire to understand light. They did a great job on their pinhole cameras. We’ll be interested in seeing the images they make with them.
Another event took place today. Anthony and I were out at the Art in the Woods space being interviewed by Barclay Bishop from WJBF as part of her story on Emanuel County. Keep your eyes out for the story.