Every now and then there is an opportunity that presents itself that just shouldn’t be passed up. The Great Emanuel Shoot is going to be one of those events. The idea was brought forth and pushed forward by Anthony Faris of the StillmoreRoots Artist Collective/Director of Downtown Development for the City of Swainsboro. The momentum is building, the sponsorships are lining up and people are ready to start making images. So…what is the Great Emanuel Shoot? It’s a period of 24 hours (starting at 5PM on April 23 and ending at 5PM on April 24…followed by a Photo Fiesta) in which people are invited to explore Emanuel County with cameras in hand. Photographers from inside the county and outside the county now have the opportunity to come together and share their vision of this large and diverse landscape. From local watersheds to pine plantations Emanuel county and the communities within in it are full of potential images waiting to be realized.
24 hours of shooting. 24 hours of bumping into people with cameras, passing by stopped cars with tripods on the roof, grabbing a cup of coffee at the local diner and having to move camera bags to make room for a plate of hash browns at 3AM…this is going to be great. Afterwards, there will be a gathering of participants at the Farmers Building (downtown Swainsboro) for a photo fiesta. It’s here that images will be displayed via digital projectors, people will be able to vote on their favorites images and towards the end of the evening prizes will be awarded. But something that I imagine will be even more rewarding than prizes is the conversations and stories that will be shared that evening. I look forward to seeing you there. And, if you happen to be in Swainsboro I encourage you to stop by City Hall and thank Anthony Faris for making this opportunity happen.
Oh, one last thing…what does it cost to participate??? Nothing. Free and open to the public.