The Long Shot Invitational Opening

The Long Shot Invitational Opening

Wow, what a wonderful day for the Long Shot Invitational opening.  The sun was shining, the art was amazing, the music was beautiful and the food was awesome.  Thank you everyone for all that you do. Thank you Zeb Andrews, Bridget Conn, Anthony Faris, Bryan...

Color Coded Exhibition 2013

The Annual Color Coded Instagram exhibition opens tomorrow night (February 6) at 6PM (East Georgia State College Art Gallery). The show features work from Instagramers across the US and in Croatia. I hope to see you at the opening! [photos]


The Continuum Exhibition reception takes place this evening from 5- 7PM. The show includes three of my works (two from the recent series of prints exploring Sacred Spaces and one photograph from the Three Years in Paris exhibition).  I hope to see you there.