24 Hours With Diana F+ in The City of Light

24 Hours With Diana F+ in The City of Light

24 hours, 1 roll of 400 speed 120 film, the Diana F+ and the City of Light made for a great combination. What a day! Some of my favorite Diana experiences include the moment when I was suggesting my class make some images from the center of the Champs Elysees and we noticed a bride to be was preparing for her own photo shoot in the same spot. I propped Diana on a red light in the center of road and fired off a bulb shot while the photo shoot happened in front of us only hypothesizing what the end image/exposure would be. Two minutes later I pulled Diana down and advanced the film one stop. What a great moment..the students, the wedding photo shoot, the Arc d’Triomphe in the background and the hustle/bustle of the Champs Elysees all around us. I also enjoyed cruising the number 6 metro line with Diana close by. We made some real vintage feeling images of a classic tourist destination through the glass of the metro car. Then there is the image of the river Seine. This river plays a key role in all of the history books I have read on Paris. I am determined to create a successful portrait series of the river. A few weeks ago I started shooting the river on a regular basis with the D-SLR. This week Diana joined in the process as well. What do you think of the results? I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed the process. The Saturday the Em and I bought matching Diana’s was the renewal of my analogue life style.


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  1. Michael Owen

    Love these images! Especially the one with the Eiffel Tower behind the buildings 🙂

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