Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a land of enchanted forests and welcoming smiles. It was a delight to explore the lush green mountains of the Monteverde region. To stand on the family coffee farm of Alvaro Vega Anchia’ and gaze out over the surrounding countryside that separates this hilltop paradise from the Gulf Nicoya. To watch Oldemar Salazar and his son Juan roast coffee beans at their family run business; allowing me to sample a bean fresh from the roaster…I sit here in Savannah hoping the scent and flavor will stay with me for some time to come. The hospitality and patience of Lindsay, Charley and the rest of the wonderful staff of the UGA Ecolodge remains like the memory of extended visits with good friends and family. Guided hikes through the surrounding forests with the resident naturalists: Elijah, Kate and Anna. Their knowledge and curiosity of the surrounding forests captivated our entire program as they led us on night hikes and day treks along trails that ran like veins through the vast Costa Rica landscape. This is my impression of Costa Rica. The journey was sweet and I look forward to returning.
*Desmal taught Digital Photo in Costa Rica and helped to organize this study abroad program through East Georgia College.

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    A place where the light touches all things! You have to love home-made bridges too.. I think I saw this place on LOST.

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