Diana, It is time to say Goodbye.

Diana, It is time to say Goodbye.

Another semester teaching abroad is coming to an end this week. The mind begins to shift perceptions of the city as what has become routine events turns to goodbyes and thoughts of ‘it shall be awhile before I am able to experience this moment again.’ The checklist comes back out as certain destinations need to be revisited and some experiences need to be repeated just one more time before leaving. The last two rolls of Diana (although there is one partially exposed still in the camera) consist of these revisits and everyday moments I enjoy while in Paris. It always seems to have passed by so quickly at the end and yet I remember it seeming so vast in the middle.
Au Revoir Paris-


  1. JasonM

    Your anolog pictures are great. They have a timeless quality. Like i’m loooking at an old history book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. desmal

    Jason, thanks for the compliment on the images. That Diana camera certainly lends a dated look to the images made with it.

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