Guatemala is a precious jewel in Central America.   These lands have beckoned outsiders since 1519.  It’s lush forests dense with spectacular vegetation and an amazing variety of animal species presents limitless opportunities for outdoor expeditions.  Although Guatemala’s external beauty is quite alluring its internal struggles reach deep below the surface and should be noted prior to visiting.  This country presents a landscape etched with its wars of conquest and rebellion. The mayan heritage, the influence of colonial Spain and now the insatiable appetite of an industrial world swooping in to gather and consume both natural and human resources has caused a cultural landscape that weaves through time like a river adapting to ever shifting geological changes. The country has been colonized, liberated, run by corrupt politicians, and survived a fierce civil war.  Through all of this the people retain a sense of hope, good will and a smile that illuminates darkened streets.


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January 23, 2010

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