Paris 2010

Paris 2010

This is the third trip over the Atlantic to spend time in Paris, France. Of course, on the first trip I passed through Paris several times but never really spending a great deal of time in the city. Teaching here in Paris, France has really strengthened my relationship with the city. Spending 5 weeks is long enough to spend time with the sites I have a desire to see and yet it is also long enough to begin to find a rhythm in the city. I’ll try to stay current with updates to photos on this post. Please, don’t feel shy about prodding me. I typically run about year behind schedule with posts. I would like narrow that gap to around a week. So, I’ll start with an image I created on Day 3. Voila’.



  1. Emily

    Since I was only able to spend about 2 and 1/2 weeks in Paris this year and miss the city terribly after only leaving it yesterday, I will be prodding for more!!!! Becoming custom to the rhythm of this city is magical! It’s something that you try to keep, even in Stillmore or Savannah, GA. VIVA FRANCE!!!!

  2. Patti

    No other photos? Or am I not using the site correctly? I want more photos of Paris!

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