Peru presents a diverse collection of landscapes and cultures. Each bringing with it, it’s own sense of wonder and awe. Here are a few images made during a trip to Peru in 2003. This wonderful country was introduced to me by my tia’, Patti. She toured Peru in 2002 and then returned with me in 2003. Thank you Tia’. I felt such a strong sense of connection with the landscape and the people of Peru I returned in 2004 with my parents and two dear friends. Now, in 2010 my wife and I just had dinner with our cousin Merritt to discuss her adventures in Peru. Needless to say the conversation, her photos, all of the stories had me longing for a return to South America. Peru is a wonderful place to share…adventures, meals, new experiences and of course…stories. Patti, Vernon, Jairus, AT, Linda and Merritt…thank you for sharing the journey.
I have a massive collection of images shot on film. The next step is to start scanning these in and posting them to the site. I have a feeling this will have to happen after Paris. Something to look forward to.


  1. Patti

    beautiful photos, Desmal. I dream of south america, too. I tell the story of riding in the back of the russian troop transport along a washed out, extremely narrow mountain road, 15,000 feet up, headed to the Manu and the rain forest and the jungle and the wooden boats with johnson outboards that broke down constantly. Oh…and bug bites. Lots and lofts of bug bites. an airplane taking off from the jungle with only a grass runway. what an amazing adventure that was.

  2. AT

    My cousin is down in Peru right now. Can’t wait til she gets back and we can talk about it. There is nothing more intimate than sharing experiences like this- sometimes you are lucky enough to share them at the same time and sometimes you are just lucky that others get to share them and you can understand fully what it means. As for MY adventure (Patti), I was the first Inka to arrive at Macchu Picchu wounded with a sprained ankle. And we all know that doing the traditional Inka bottle dance is really hard when you have a sprained ankle.

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