This is a new series of works in progress.  The images are an exploration of meditations on space. I see them finalized as a retablo like assemblage.  However, I am also excited about the stand alone image. The works began in response to a request by Neil Kalmanson.  They have been slow in the making and undergone five different iterations before coming to terms with their latest (and perhaps final) variant.  I am now searching out the materials for the finished assemblage but due to the long period of time I have been wrestling with the plans I have decided to also let them stand on their own as printed works.  I’ll post images of the completed assemblage but right now it looks like that is going to be another two to three months down the road.  So, until then, I hope you enjoy these as stand alone prints while their end form is finalized.



  1. Neil

    Love it/them…inspiring!

  2. desmal

    Thank you Neil. I have continued to rework the final format again and again and I think the work/concept are getting where I want them to be. So, hopefully I’ll have a finished version before too much more time passes. I am happy with the new direction they are going and I hope that you will be happy with the finished piece.

  3. jasonM

    very meditative. great to see some new work and it is very stretching to the imagination.

  4. desmal

    Thank you for the comments Jason. It was great catching up with you and further discussing the work at the opening.

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