Sacred Space. The Stones Collaboration.

Sacred Space. The Stones Collaboration.

The Stones Collaboration is a global community project designed to connect people through a common object, sense of place, sense of touch, peaceful purpose and on a predetermined date/time.  In 2006 I published a blog post asking for people around the world to send me a stone/s.  With that stone include the location from which it was sent and the senders name.  This was request was published under the pretense that I would then create an installation that used the stones and on the date/time of the Art in the Woods exhibition people would have access to the site.Those that sent stones were asked to carry a stone or think about the stone they sent on the day of Art in the Woods.  Therefore weaving a web of common focus stretching from Stillmore, Georgia to various parts of the globe.  The first stones that arrived for the installation where photographed in the hands of community members before being included in the Sacred Space installation.  I am happy to say that stones are still arriving today.  These stones are treated as precious objects as they hold the hopes and memories of those that sent them.  Each Spring I make my way to the woods to place these new arrivals in the Sacred Space installation.

The Art in the Woods exhibition occurred April 3, 2010.



  1. Lois Clark

    I think this is a beautiful idea. I wish I had learned of it earlier. What a wonderful concept. There is nothing like bringing the Spirit and Energy of a place into its own Sacred Space. What a special place that must be to meditate and send out ones own prayers and energies into the cosmic web we all share. Many Blessings to
    you along lifes journey.
    Walk in Beauty, Lois Clark

  2. desmal

    Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Jody

    Can you create a facebook page for your website, so your followers can join?

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