The American Southwest

The American Southwest

Having traveled to, lived in and dreamed about; the American Southwest has always been close to my heart.  A landscape so different from home, both in color and in structure, that it is like wandering a dream.  The open expanses, massive stone structures, vast sky lines,  a brilliant palette of reds, oranges and blues all contribute to making this such an enchanting landscape.





  1. JasonM


    The new work is great. I think the horseshoe caynon is my favorite. But I also like the aged effects of the landmarks, it reminds me of an old family album. When my mom was a teenager her and her family drove from Georgia to washington state. She said it was so hot they put foil on their wagon windows. I could imagine them looking at the wigwam hotel and taking a picture of it. Good job.

  2. desmal

    Jason, Thanks for the comments. Horseshoe Canyon is a pretty sweet spot to visit. It seems like such a foreign landscape when compared with my daily travels here in East Georgia. You hit the nail on the head with the landmarks. The idea of nostalgia as an aesthetic element keeps popping up in conversations and AT keeps referencing this idea in a more directed manner. The trip down route 66 was certainly an exploration of that aesthetic element. It was a layered approach for me; having traveled through that area as a child, as a young adult and now with a family of my own as well as viewing it through the eyes of an artist who is playing with notions of nostalgia as an aesthetic element and also pursuing larger ideas of sacred spaces (not purely in the religious sense but defined as spaces that humans tend to seek out or hold dear (which in turn could then be tied back to notions of nostalgia)). So at one point I am reminiscing over the landscape in front of me and moments layer I thinking about the impact of this route and what it means to have been abandoned as a major thoroughfare; now sought out by those looking for a glimpse of a different era in our history. That element reflects my own hometown to a certain extent. Stillmore, GA was once one of the busiest towns in the area and now it is one of the most quite. And in its heart sits a beautiful museum that looks back upon days that have passed before us. Holding on to our history and taking pride in telling our story.
    I love the idea of your mom traveling through the southwest with foil on the windows. The heat can be extreme in that part of the country. I may have to try that out on my next trip out west. 😉
    Thanks again for posting your thoughts.

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July 3, 2012