The City of Light, Paris Unveiled

The City of Light, Paris Unveiled

It is Paris, beneath the facade of architectural wonders and icons of art history, that you begin to find her pulse.  It beats with the hours of the day, an ever-changing flow of pedestrian traffic and the stop/go rhythm of trains at the station. Paris is life.  Decadence and order steeped with savory episodes from a history of colorful leaders that is further enriched by the complex cultural broth formed from this European epicenter of human migration.  Join me as we journey through familiar thoroughfares and tucked away side streets seeking the heart of Paris; a Paris unveiled.



  1. Jason

    Your urban images are amazing. You hace captured some awesome things and the stone looks alive.

  2. Terri

    Hi Prof Purcell,
    Awesome awesome, especially the gargoyle and the fleur de lis! My daughter has already warned me that she is going to have a fit if I come home form Paris without a bunch of gargoyle photos, as she collects them. I am going to send her this link so she can see this fantastic one. He is amazing!

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