The East

The East

This series of portraits was created at the Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C.  The particular hall that holds these objects happens to be one of my favorite locations on the National Mall.  Over the years I have made numerous images of the objects occupying this hall and only now, many moons later do I feel that I have finally began to scratch the surface of who they are. Stone, gold, and mercury are some of the physical materials used to create these figures and I have (in an attempt to better know these works) used photography to further explore them.  I felt the need to further isolate the figures to better know the subtleties of each of them. For it is in these images, without gallery walls, throngs of other visitors and the watchful eye of security I feel that I have come to better know them. Perhaps one day I’ll step foot into the landscapes from which they were born.




  1. JJ

    Your love and desire for all of the Arts are not only rewarding to you, but so many others! Than you… continue to reach for the stars.

  2. Jacquie

    I proclaim you an honorary Asian!

  3. desmal

    That is a compliment. Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the images.

  4. Lois Clark

    It seems you have a knack for capturing the spiritual qualities of most everything you photograph. I enjoy your work so very much . Thank you for all the time & effort you put into it and thank you for sharing.. Blessings… Lois

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